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Incorporate in 3 Easy Steps Today – Our Fees $49 + Government Filing Fees.

Tell Us About Your Business

We have taken the complexity out of incorporating your business. Fill up our  online form in as little as 10 minutes.

Let Us File the Paperwork

Our incorporation specialists review your forms, prepare all documents and incorporate in government database.

Receive Your Documents

You may receive your incorporated company's documents in as little as 2 hours.



Business Incorporation 

Agency Filing Fees only $49 

Incorporate in 2 hours 

Available for All Province


Professional Corporation

Agency Filing Fees only $75
Incorporate in 2 Hours
Free Articles of Corporation

Non-Profit Organization

Agency Filing Fees $75
Provincial or Federal level
Obtain Charitable Status



Sole Proprietorship

Agency Filing Fees only $29 

Ready in 2 hours 

Available for All Province


Master Business Licence

Agency Filing Fees only $29
Ready in 2 hours
Other Services with it

Trade Name Registration

Agency Filing Fees $39
Business or Indivodual
For All provinces



NUANS Report 

Price Starts at only $20 

Delivered in 1 Business Hour

Pre-Search and Review Available

Minute Book

Electronic Copy Right Away
Electronic + Physical Copy Available
Includes Free By Laws & Resolutions

Corporation Update

Corporation's Director, Address Change
Shareholder Chnage, Officer Change 
Service Available For All Provinces

Incorp Pro Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in one-stop incorporation and business registration services across the country at a very affordable cost. It is a registered member of Industry Canada and therefore can offer complete incorporation packages. Which includes a Name Search Report (NUANS Report) and Corporation’s Name Approval.

Incorp Pro™ has its own corporate lawyers and legal team. Our legal team prepares the article of incorporation (standard and customized both). Bylaws of the corporation, minutes and all other legal documents for the corporation.

Once all legal papers are prepared. Then we instantly register in government corporate registry system and send the certificate of incorporation. Also, article of incorporation and minute book instantly by email.

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